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  1. evh300

    Hope you Birthday is as awesome as you are bro !! Happy Birthday !!!

  2. Would the Oilers do it? No, But Smith was Ninnima's partner in ED. Where they played GREAT together. They would instantley become our top 2 guys. And he is everything we need at that position, Size (6' 3"), crease clearer, and charcter. He is like a poor man's Scott Stevens. And he is a righty on top of that. Only downside is he is injured alot, because he plays so tough. I wish we could get him, I doubt it though.
  3. Yeah, that's true, but I'd pick too many fights with other players to be on the ice long enough to score . I guess this is why I'm not at all against dealing him, 'cause I know we won't get the kinda of player(s) he needs to score like that. Hey, I know lets trade him to St Luis for Cristian Backman... That way we can see him score 40 goals with them, and not care!!! I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't divert any energy from praying for my Tampa Proposal , O.k. I'll go back to praying.
  4. I agree with everything everyone has said here !!! Actually, I think most here agree that he has value, and we shouldn't just dump him. In saying that, the proposed deal from the panthers was really a salery dump, although we don't know for sure wich player was comming back. I don't know how many people here agree with this... I say, if Parrish were playing in St. Luis, on a line with Doug Weight, I could see him hitting 35+ goals one year, ala Adam graves in '94. I don't think that will happen here, and I won't second guess trading him, and seeing him do that somewhere else, as long as
  5. I just read on tsn.ca, ( sorry I don't know how to post a link ) That Jason Smith has a fractured ankle, no timetable has been set for his return, in other news, Jovo has a shoulder sprain, Geez, all the D-men around the leauge are falling down. I hope we don't suffer the same fate
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