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  4. I gotta feeling that you are a homosexual.  That's not good. I try to talk offensive pinning and this guy is gotta get two for high sticking in his parent's home 

  5. In case you don’t know the classic definitions of the following military terms, here they are:

    SNAFU- Situation Normal: All ****** Up

    FUBAR- ****** Up Beyond All Recognition (or Recovery)

    Sadly, both terms have been highly applicable to our history after early 90s.

  6. You Ok there Pointy/Old man?...Have not seen you posting...No Covid i hope?...keep well

  7. Please no more feelings until end of playoffs

  8. No pal, I was way out of line, it was a sincere apology, I was wrong, & I like to always stand up, and take my pain when I screw up. I know you're a dedicated fan, hope you're enjoying the ride, like me. 

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