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  1. Happy Birthday bro !!!

  2. It might be time to update!

  3. Love your "About Me" in your profile & wishing you a Happy New Year!!

    Thanks, Carissa

  4. wow PSV. That was an interesting read. Good stuff bro!

  5. In response to Son of Scissons' request of love for admin.

    Been there, tried that. Restraining order's been lifted and I'm not going to tempt fate, no matter how magically delicious our beloved queen is.

  6. You make want to update my profile! As always funny stuff!

  7. LOL - You will never guess my prank!

  8. Dude, this is quality stuff!

  9. Your profile is freaking hilarious! Thanks for the entertainment :)

  10. You're the best poster on the board. Everybody loves you! You look Tony the Tiger GREAT today. Everyone should revel in your glory. Color you great.

    Will you marry me? Would you like to have a threesome with my sister and I?

    (Some of the various comments left anonymously)

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