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  1. Happy Birthday bro !!!

  2. It might be time to update!

  3. Love your "About Me" in your profile & wishing you a Happy New Year!!

    Thanks, Carissa

  4. wow PSV. That was an interesting read. Good stuff bro!

  5. In response to Son of Scissons' request of love for admin.

    Been there, tried that. Restraining order's been lifted and I'm not going to tempt fate, no matter how magically delicious our beloved queen is.

  6. You make want to update my profile! As always funny stuff!

  7. LOL - You will never guess my prank!

  8. Dude, this is quality stuff!

  9. Your profile is freaking hilarious! Thanks for the entertainment :)

  10. You're the best poster on the board. Everybody loves you! You look Tony the Tiger GREAT today. Everyone should revel in your glory. Color you great.

    Will you marry me? Would you like to have a threesome with my sister and I?

    (Some of the various comments left anonymously)

  11. No, she's the only reason why I don't mind the Ice Girls.
  12. for the hell of it...would you guys do Parrish and Bates for O'neil? Lavy loves those boys. Yup, in a heartbeat. Regardless of how well Bates speed and pking fit our current makeup and Parrishs' usefulness in front of the net O'Neill is worth both of them. Think it would be an even salary exchange. One thing overlooked about O'Neill is that he took a verbal beating by the Cane's fans and management because he was so slow at developing. He played center, then right wing, then left wing, etc. When he finally did develop he turned into a 30g, 30a, 60-80 pim power forward. He's got decent speed, very good lateral movement and can shoot from anywhere. He's a legitimate first liner. He being on a line with Yashin and Kvasha would be extremely beneficial to our team. He'd also be excellent on the PP.
  13. Not sure what I'd offer -- and hate to sound like a broken record -- but if the Capitals really are gutting their club, I'd love to add Mike Grier and Jason Doig. They would make the Isles a scary playoff team, IMO. What would it take to get them? Dunno what it would cost, but Grier has become a solid pest on the ice. I would personally prefer Brendan Witt and I think a lot of teams will be looking at trading for him come the trade deadline.
  14. Dealing Hamrlik leaves me wary. Hamrlik is usually "money in the bank". Don't get me wrong, I'd rather not trade either. The only way I can see Hamrlik being dealt is the whole contract mess. Janne's what, 27? Plus, if the articles in the Edmonton papers are true Janne would be happier (and more productive) if he was suddenly partnered in the top 4 and saw PP time.
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