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  1. Happy Birthday !!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday !!!

  3. If you had the chane to grab him would you. $870K is his salary, 25 6'3" 220lbs....
  4. how about inquiring about him. I think that he would be a solid pick up for a bruising Dman.
  5. To SJ-Papineau To NYI-Harvey
  6. Would love to deal Parrish and Niinimaa to Calgary for Regehr.
  7. Love Rachuneks physical game, and his potential, i love scatchard, but we get a superior player in radek bonk and could really use a lefty pivot.
  8. To Ott-Scatchard, Hamrlik, and Cairns To NYI-Bonk and Rachunek
  9. To NYI-Zubrus To CAPs- Parrish... I love zubrus
  10. i just like nilsson, and i know mm loves him also. He is just a little to pricey though for his role at over a million a season. Would you do parrish for huselius?
  11. to Fla-Parrish and Bates to NYI-Huselius and Nilsson
  12. To anaheim- Parrish and Niinimaa and a 2nd to NYI- Sykora and Vishnevski any thoughts
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