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  1. Ummm guys I do not know if you if you are aware of this but Laraque has stated that if he were to be traded from the Oilers he would not be the same player that he is in Edmonton. He effectively gave himself a free no-trade clause by declaring that he would either become useless if he were traded or simply retire. So I highly doubt any GM would want to take a risk on the George and find out he becomes a lame-duck when they get him. Also just as a side note George is actually a very intellegent individual. I beleive he has the marks to get into law school (his parents would not let him pursue his hockey career until he set himself up school wise) and is bi-lingual. He is not your typical dumb enforcer.
  2. Yes I know another trade scenario but it think it would be good for both teams. NYI- Niinimaa (3rd round draft pick?) Edm- Smith I think we all know Janne would love to come back here to Edmonton, and Smith is just what the Isles need. Think this could ever happen? Just on a sidenote the oilers seem to have been screwed by Mr. Oates out of 2 million while the isles have gotten a good deal out of Cliff so far.
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