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  1. Thanks so much for the Birthday wishes. I'll probably be popping back up around the boards once the hockey season starts back up again (can't wait!). I hope you're having a great summer!

  2. Hi LNOF! I'm doing well, busy with work in prep for the Olympics. How 'bout you? Hope you guys didn't get to much of that nasty snowstorm that hit the east. I've been hanging out on the Habs board quite a bit lately, goalie controversy is interesting over there. : )

  3. Cooool! Thanks for the heads-up.

    They did a nice job, but I gotta stick with my boy JDD rocking my wallpaper (Lol! Somehow that ended up sounding dirty)

  4. Heh, yeah I saw that. Too bad I don't have any Otto relatives in North America, that could've been some second cousin or something.

  5. It's the very first box in the 'Edit Profile Information'.

  6. No prob: it's in 'my Controls' under the 'Edit Profile' sections and the box is 'Custom Member Title'.

  7. 'holics need all the group support they can get!

  8. Well, hi there LNOF! Gad to see you'll be hanging around here a bit.

  9. Haha, well that'd be something if i were able to make the comment about your username before you actually made it.

    As for joining, it was before you suggested it. I think the day after the signing.

  10. The ironic thing is, threre's a good chance Roli will take the #30 now that he's here.

    ...Unless there's someone in their system with that number.

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