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  1. Hey Paul - did you get to NS yet like you were planning this summer?

  2. *almost!* a hockey-crazy city will help both of them, both on and off the ice.

  3. Hey, I saw an article today about Garon and how he's so excited too to be in TB and wants to win. Sounds like he (still) has a great respect for Roli, and is comfortable w/his role on the team. Really does seem like their relationship this year will be better (especially since I'm sure Roli won't be worrying about things like he was then). I'm sure the fact that they're not in

  4. Thanks for the B-Day wishes! Hope you have a great day!

  5. Sorry its late but Happy Birthday !!!

  6. Sorry the Canucks didn't pull it out for you. Just wasn't meant to be I guess. Hope there are no major injuries tonight with all the rioting going on right now. Take care.

  7. Almost!! He deserves to know what it's like. Maybe if he re-signs the Bolts will pull a Pens and make it all the way the second year in their return to the playoffs! Anyway, I'll be happy once he re-signs. Take care!

  8. Hey - yeah I saw the Homecoming pics, not sure what Roli was driving, probably a rental like you said. I know when he left the Oilers he drove a Ford truck. Ha ha, we sound like stalkers! I was happy to hear Yzerman wants to talk to him about re-signing. I get what you are saying but I do hope he gets to raise the cup some day, that's what all NHL players want, he deserves to know what

  9. Last one I promise! :P Also, of course, that the impact he's had on so many, and the things we've learned from him, will last way longer than anything that happens on the ice.

  10. BTW, love your new sig...obviously I agree 100% w/the "champion" part. That's actually why it honestly wouldn't upset me if he never wins a Cup...just b/c obviously the things that make him a champion are things that can't be measured by Cup rings, stats or anything else the world considers important. :)

  11. Looks like a nice ride...thought he drove a truck lol, but maybe he decided it was time for a change, or else it's just a rental while he's in FL. Do you know what kind that is?

  12. http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2011/photo_galleries/lightning_homecoming/ This link from the Bolts' "homecoming" was in a thread on their board on HF...check out pic #10! :D Nice to see him interacting w/ the fans a bit.
  13. Yeah I have no doubt he'll get a new contract...hopefully w/TB! :D I'm sure he's excited about seeing his family again soon at least. Hopefully he doesn't have any nagging injury issues.

  14. Sad night. Hope Roli gets another chance. Pretty sure he'll get another contract.

  15. Nice to see both MacT and Boucher give Roli votes of confidence tonight. :) Hopefully both he and they can have a great bounce back game on Thursday!

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