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  1. Happy Birthday !!!

  2. Hey otto - hope all is well with you. Pretty exciting times for Roli right now, did you see last night's game?

  3. (knowing Tambi's mancrush on Khabi though, he probably isn't *rolls eyes*). Hope you're doing well; please do keep in touch!

  4. Hey, are you able to watch Roli's games vs. TO on Sportsnet there? Guess that's one good thing about being back lol! :P I'm so happy for him and the start he's having to the year; hopefully he's still making Tambi regret his refusal to give him the extra year

  5. Hey stranger, long time not talk! :P Hope you've been well. I'm sure you're happy to see too that Roli had a good first game despite the loss...hopefully that'll help him get more starts this year! Keep in touch, miss you!

  6. Thanks so much for the Birthday wishes. I'll probably be popping back up around the boards once the hockey season starts back up again (can't wait!). I hope you're having a great summer!

  7. Hey otto, happy birthday! Miss seeing you around, hope all is well!

  8. Happy Birthday !!!

  9. Yes with the Olympics a week away I bet these are busy times for you! I work Jan - June so just went back and pretty busy. Basically I cram a year's hours into 6 mos! Will be interesting to see what the Habs do. A bit frustrating here but oh well. JDD's been playing well for the Oil, I like his compete/desire.

  10. Hi LNOF! I'm doing well, busy with work in prep for the Olympics. How 'bout you? Hope you guys didn't get to much of that nasty snowstorm that hit the east. I've been hanging out on the Habs board quite a bit lately, goalie controversy is interesting over there. : )

  11. How's it going? Haven't seen you around for a bit, hope all is well. Interesting times here lately, hope they get a win soon. Between the Oilers and the Isles it's been pretty tough!

  12. Cooool! Thanks for the heads-up.

    They did a nice job, but I gotta stick with my boy JDD rocking my wallpaper (Lol! Somehow that ended up sounding dirty)

  13. Hey - there's a Roli wallpaper on the Suggestions & Comments forum - Islander Wallpaper thread - courtesy of IslesHockey21

  14. Heh, yeah I saw that. Too bad I don't have any Otto relatives in North America, that could've been some second cousin or something.

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