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  1. dp6

    Would You?

    Talking about deals for Flames' Dmen, I think there are two guys probably up for grabs there, Toni Lydman or Rhett Warrener. You gotta figure that Regehr, Leopold, Ference, Gauthier, Montador, Commador and Phaneuf are in their plans, 'cause their all quite young and affordable. I personally think Lydman will be kept of the two of them, as he brings a two-way game, less physical, but PP skills that Warrener doesn't. And Warrener is more costly at an older age than Gauthier, though he isn't too old. Personally, I'd rather get Warrener anyway. Would you guys be interested in him on D?
  2. I think you have to figure that realistically, at least 2 of the "big four" dmen are going to be gone, very likely Hammer and Janne. Look, the experiment didn't work anyway, so time to try something new, and the likely template now will be cheaper young dmen with less skill but more jam. Florida and Chicago are both looking for top 2-3 dmen, so likely dance partners are they. Then, turn around and deal some of the youth/prospects/players you get in return, along with Kvasha or whomever and do that deal. Salei fits the bill, and so does Sykora - a proven eastern conference scorer!
  3. dp6

    What To Do?

    Tis a good point, but Peca has brought a team to the finals once, as captain. Also, I think more people will look at the supporting cast around Peca as the cause for the team's failure, which we as fans know is not neccessarily the case. Either way, Primeau has only had one strong playoff year really, I mean his team also bowed out pathetically against Ottawa not too long ago. I think Peca has more value to someone like Muckler and Ottawa than he does to this club as it stands now.
  4. dp6

    What To Do?

    How would you guys feel about this? Deal Peca, possibly to Ottawa, for what I don't know. Sign Mikael Nylander I don't think Demitra will help Yash, cause he's still at center. Gotta put Yash at wing with a guy who can carry in the puck with speed, and dish to the low slot between the circles where Yash likes to fire his shot from. And chances are, Nylander will cost less than the 5mil Peca costs now. BTW, only about 1mil overpaid, based on the numbers setting the standard now, which is 4mil a year for Primeau in Philly...a captain with low offense numbers and good checking.
  5. I don't know about Peca, besides I think his price tag doesn't fit with the Canucks plans. Plus, I'd like to hang on to Nilsson. How about either Hunter or Parrish, Bergenheim and a first rounder? We can still move one of our centres, hopefully for some more proven scoring winger and/or gritty d-man.
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