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  1. Ah yes, $$$. Peca is a weird situation, a Catch-22, IMO. His salary is one that takes up a lot of payroll space, and as, such would be a target to move, especially given NYI's relative depth at center. On the other hand, IMO, Peca's worth to this team would increase dramatically, were NYI to acquire more talent to join him on the roster. That is, he is an invaluable player on a winning team. See Sabres '99, Candian Olympic Team, '02.
  2. That's an interesting take on the Isles D corp, and one with which I agree. Aside from the obvious lack of jam on the backline, I tend to think that NYI's top 4 is slightly overrated overall. And that's even with the consideration that Janne and Hamrlik are capable of better play than they showed overall last season.
  3. I'd love him alongside Yashin. However, doubtful he's going to be moved, even more doubtful that NJD and NYI would trade. And finally, he would render a steep return, as he is young, very talented, Cup experienced and relatively inexpensive. If I'm Lou and Milbury calls, the asking price is Scatchard and Niinimaa.
  4. http://www.tsn.ca/columnists/bob_mckenzie.asp "The Ducks need to shed about $9 million in payroll. Defenceman Ruslan Salei, a restricted free agent who is eligible for arbitration, is likely gone and in high demand throughout the league. The trouble is, in order to get Salei, interested teams are being told they must also take forward Petr Sykora, who earns more than $4 million a year on a long-term deal. The Ducks may have to eat some of that salary, but they really need to move Sykora to make ends meet." If true (and McKenzie is a solid reporter), Ruslan Salei ($1.75M) and Petr Sykor
  5. Trottier

    What To Do?

    Not for nothing, but why does that apply to Yashin but not Peca? Hasn't he been around just as long, to the day? Maybe you were just trying to make a point about people calling for Peca's head, but not Yashin's. I don't know. Personally, I've been disappointed with both. Peca, however, is the more movable of the two. Peca is clearly the more movable of the two, though, frankly, his salary and some remaining question marks about his health likely mean that his current trade value is low. Best for NYI to hold on to him, for now. The rosy scenario I envision: he has a stellar season
  6. Trottier

    What To Do?

    It's come to this? Get rid of Michael Peca for "what I don't know." Do some people really devalue the guy this much? Amazing. And better yet, replace him with another soft Euro, who up until the last couple of seasons, has carried the label of an underachieving, inconsistent NHL player? You need heart players to win. I'll leave it to Gradin and 2001 to besmirch Peca in this regard, my days of defending him in that area are long past. However, replacing his type with a Nylander type takes us to a new depth. We've seen Yashin and his band of indifferent linemates and what they
  7. "If we are trading players based on playoff performance than everyone goes except DiPietro. Agree we need those types in the playoffs, but the ones we have, to this point, aren't getting the job done." If "we" are trading players based on playoff performance, "we" are morons, for that imples that one expected more from this perennial barely 8th place finisher. Speaking for myself, I'm basing player evaluation on multiple factors, including which ones are built for the playoff style of play, and which ones are not. If you don't think Parrish is, and instead want to simply cite his admitted
  8. Last thing NYI needs to do is start divesting itself of gritty N. American boys like Parrish who get their nose dirty. Those type are required come playoff time, and NYI has too many figure skaters as it is.
  9. I never said I'd make the deal (with Peca) that was originally proposed. However, it's a lot more realistic (fairer) than the other ones, IMO. The Sedins would not come cheaply. Likewise, they are not yet "proven" commodities, as in "the differencemakers" we all talk about. However, if you want those type of players (proven, top end talent), expect to pay, both in $ and players (unless you sign FA). NYI has shown absolutely no inclination to do such since June 2001. Hence, if a fan is looking at hypothetical moves, best to try to identify players that have the potential to produce mor
  10. This trade idea - like every other NYI proposal - comes back to the same quandary: What direction should NYI go in the opinion of fans? Stay the course and try to add established talent to win near-term? Or (re)build for "the future". Likewise, what direction is the team going to take, in reality. We get nowhere discussing deals because there is no general consensus on where this team stands at this point, and where Wanger & Milbury are going to take it. Personally, I believe they will continue the status quo and keep repackaging it for marketing sake to a often-gullible fanba
  11. Thanks for interjecting a bit of reality into this thread. I mean, can we send our absolute scraps to Vancouver for the Sedin twins? If your new GM were to take that offer, he'd be out of his job in no time. Mapletoft - unable to break into NYI's lineup, to date looking very much like a 4th line NHLer, and injured. Papineau - unproven NHLer. Bates - third liner. 2nd round pick in a weak draft. C'MON!
  12. You would never - NEVER - want Cairns and Ward out as your third-pair d duo. Gradin and Karel could both skate around them. As a spare forward (for physical purposes) or an emergency #6 replacement for Cairns, fine. But a player like him will be of minimum value come playoff time, evidence by the number of times he was scratched by the Ducks last spring. A spare part, yes, and his name was suggested by your's truly months ago. Nothing more. And not for the post-season. *** The further a team goes into the playoffs, the less important fighters become. Round One usually features fi
  13. I'm judging him based on the last calendar year. (He was acquired near the deadline last spring, nearly 12 months ago.) I think you may be getting this wrong. Kovalev's play over the last season may make him more affordable, trade-wise, for NYI (or any other team). His contract is up soon, another plus. Finally, I agree totally that odds are certainly in favor of him snapping out of his funk once he departs Manhattan. He simply possesses too much talent to burn out at age 31. My commentary was really a matter of his play in NYC, which is undeniably subpar. My point is that at this tim
  14. Gradin, in your urgency to brand me with the "grit" label, you seemingly overlooked my point. Kovalev is this season a shell of his former self. You don't have to buy it, but perhaps you haven't caught many NYR games, or are simply in denial. In no way should the "Shell" comment, be misconstrued to suggest he is washed up, finished. It is meant to suggest that he is having a wretched season+ since re-joining NYR. As 9-19-22 points out, a change of scenary could very well rejuvenate him. That's a different issue.
  15. I'm thankful NYI is not one of them.
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