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  1. In case you don’t know the classic definitions of the following military terms, here they are:

    SNAFU- Situation Normal: All ****** Up

    FUBAR- ****** Up Beyond All Recognition (or Recovery)

    Sadly, both terms have been highly applicable to our history after early 90s.

  2. You have one of the best names here.   Please post something, sometime.

  3. Account settings/avatars are immediately under your account settings.  Signatures are trickier.

  4. Roses are red.  Violets are blue.  Garth Snow sucks and Weight does too.

  5. Thanks EVH!

  6. LOL - You will never guess my prank!

  7. Jillson had potential when he came in with the Sharks but seemed to plateau early. He isn't the fastest guy on defense, more of a physical presence with offensive upside. I'd like to see him in some games now as a season+ has passed. What did he do in the offseason? Why did they sour on him so much? Its not like he makes a ton vs. his playbill.
  8. Are you saying Luongo is not held handicap to the team in front of him? I recall Brodeur, when Robinson was coaching a couple of years ago, coming down with a huge GAA when the team went with an open style of play. Certainly the goalie was top notch and beyond reproach. Certainly the team and defense was very good, much better than what Florida had last season, and no one doubted that Martin was still top 5 material. Yet, something as simple as a change in game style turned his stats upside down (until they decided to go back to the trap). Luongo is a top notch goaltender. RD might be. Don't take my word for it, just all the other non-Milbury face savers agree Luongo is the real deal. And no, RD needs to prove more. Take a one year deal, make it through an entire season as the No. 1, steal a few games, be a star regardless of the score, and then he can ask for good money at the end of the one year plan. I think that would give both camps what they need to make a bigger salary for Rick palatable.
  9. You mean like holding out for franchise player money when Ricky hasn't proven he can hold the team up for even a whole season yet? Can he? Maybe, but usually you have to earn the money before you get the money. Right now he looks more like a typical ego-centric player, holding out for more than he should get, particularly under the salary cap requirements. Remember that every dollar player X gets is a dollar player Y doesn't. RD still has much to prove, like being able to hold the team up for en entire season for starters let alone steal games when the defense falls apart on some nights. I hope he can, but I wouldn't say he will without some form of real proof.
  10. Its a pain that never goes away, eh? We could have had Gaborik, Luongo, and Olie-hidden-talent. As far as the trade, the other Mad Mike would have to sniff some serious glue to make a trade of Huselius and Luongo for DiPietro and Parrish.
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