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  1. Screw Jillson, let him go back to the hole called Ann Arbor and disappear for all I care. The Islanders, at least MY Islanders, are a Michigan Wolverine-free zone. Go BLOW!
  2. I'm happy to have them as well...and you're dead on about the fact that they are getting overhyped because they are the only kids we have in the defensive prospect cupboard. I've heard a number of posters suggest that we can lose one of the top 4 and fill in the rest with Martinek, Butenschon and these two. I guess my biggest problem is not with the two kids, but instead in my feelings about Martinek. I just don't see top 4 material at all since that injury. If you move a top 4, you have to replace a top 4...and that can be difficult. The Isles, instead, should look to move from strength...in a place that can be covered internally. We all know that's down the middle. Any takers??? That remains to be seen.
  3. Not at all, Scott. What it is is a recognition that every single NHL team has prospects the likes of Caldwell and Gervais...just that they are ours and we hear the hype specific to them, so we get sucked into believing they are better prospects than they probably are. Never siad they were going to definitely be busts...but I'll reserve judgement on two 6th rounders, one being 23 and never having sniffed NHL ice at arguably it's hardest position to learn...while the other is a 19 year old out of the QMJHL. Next year, I don't count on them at all...or atleast anymore than "team X" counts on their versions of these guys...and certainly not even close to enough to feel comfortable moving one of the top 4. Having defensemen number 4 and down include the likes of Butenschon, Matinek, Gervais, and Caldwell scares the chite out of me, so to me we'd have to find another legit number 4
  4. 2 things... 1)Agree completely about your first point re: the Isles inability to replace a dman from within. Way too much chatter about Gervais and Caldwell being able to be counted on for anything this year...or even in the future. 2) I'm probably Chow's biggest supporter here, and understand the financial difference is probably more than the statistical difference...but to utter Palffy and Chow in the same sentence just isn't fair. Ziggy is a legit differencemaker who, when healthy, simply produces tons of points and makes those around him better. Chow is a guy who is incredibly underrated and disregarded by most, who in our opinion can provide a fair amount of offense and help a team score some goals. But he's nowhere near Palffy...regardless of pricetag considerations.
  5. Consideration is, though, that the Islanders can much more easily replace or cover for Peca's absense (Kvasha, healthy Scatchard) than they can if they were to lose one of their top 4 defensemen. Trade from strength...without creating a weakness.
  6. You're gonna have to trade or move more than Parrish and his 2.3 million. Peca is the most logical, plus another 2-3 million dollar player like Parrish. But I completely agree that it would be nice to get some cheap youngins' or draft picks back for those guys. But, unless it's a big spending team who isn't afraid of a salary cap, anybody who trades for Peca is gonna want to move some salary themselves in that deal.
  7. Doesn't matter if we trade for him or sign him...either way a bunch of $$$ has to be unloaded to keep the payroll where Wang wants it (does anyone really think he'll add 5,6,7,8 million). So either way, guys like Parrish, Peca, one of the dmen would have to be moved so the result would, in essence, be the same. And Rus...I disagree about Kvasha. The centerpiece of Milbury's most illogical and bashed move is just starting to really come into his own. You think Milbury is gonna leave himself open by letting him go and score his 60,70 points while playing the PK and an effective center position elsewhere??? I think not.
  8. If Palffy stays healthy I'd have to say we'd be significantly better. Don't underestimate how a consistently potent PP can be a differencemaker, especially in the playoffs. Scatch and Kvasha ably cover the middle line center position...and Palffy exponentially improves out first line, and IMO Yashin.
  9. Trots, Parrish has basically done squat in the playoffs...and you must remember the type of player we would be getting in return. I'm not advocating a Parrish for Ozolinsch swap...Dennis Gauthier provides the NA grit and fearlessness, but he'll do it on the backline, where we desperately need it. And where is this notion that the Isles have a predominance of figure skaters coming from? There's a definitive lack of creativity and offensive prowess on the front lines. We have plumbers galore, but if anything, it's getting those plumbers to play with the wreckless abandon they need to that's the problem. How can a lineup containing Peca, Hunter, Bates, Scatchard, Yashin, Asham, Blake, and even Kvasha be considered a bunch of figure skaters? Plenty of grit there...just needs to be more consistently implemented...especially with the two big Russians. As far as Bates or Mapletoft getting a trade like this done I certainly can't see the former being close to enough, and Justin would have to be part of a trade where we gave Calgary atleast a 2/3rd rounder as well. I'd make that trade, not sure Calgary would as I think there'll be a definite market for Gauthier.
  10. I should say that I do think the one thing Parrish does well is very valuable...often I don't make that clear. But for the right piece I'd take my chances we could live without him.
  11. Scott...a Gauthier for Parrish swap wouldn't save the Isles much at all. Gauthier made 1.4 mill last year and is a restricted FA coming off a decent season...so he'll probably command somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 million per. Hey, if Mark Parrish plays like he did after coming back from the injury I'll give him credit for having greater value than being the guy who does 1 thing well. I'm not convinced he will, and I do attribute a fair amount of that spark to the injury itself...as it kept him fresh and avoidant of the continual abuse he receives on a nightly basis. While the rest of the league was starting to wear down a bit, Parrish was able to recharge his battery.
  12. Just my opinion, but for me the overestimation of one Mark Parrish continues. Sure, he played a better all around game after returning from injury, but are we convinced that's the Parrish we are gonna see from now on...when for the previous 5 years he was another player? We know what Mark does well, and for me Gauthier is every bit worth moving that for. That's the great thing about sports, 2 sets of eyes can see different things
  13. Metalingus


    Just perusing some of the Flames message boards and the inevitable "who will be back" threads. Seems the overwhelming consensus has the Flames moving the Group II free agent somewhere along the line, as Dion Phaneuf seems to be tabbed as the cheaper heir apparant for Gauthier's physical backline game. I still offer Parrish (good exchange of salaries)...Calgary could certainly use some more scoring and Parry does play a Sutter-esque game. Then you can use Niinimaa and/or maybe Scatchard or Peca to bring in some quality on the front lines.
  14. I don't necessarily mean patience as far as trading him...that Milbury seems to have been sufficiently shackled. I do mean patience in not rushing him to the NHL because you won't spend the dough on a veteran scorer, and you count on too much too soon from your 1st rounder. I just get the feeling he's gonna require a fair amount of time easing his way into his potential...like I said in this way he does remind me of Naslund. And those, unfortunately, are the guys who tend to flourish on their 2nd team.
  15. Scott, can totally see where you are coming from...but disagree to a point about the Sedins still being predominantly potential-based players. If you look at icetime vs. production they were excellent 2nd line NHL players...and the fact that they already are effective in keeping the puck out of their own goal when they are on the ice is huge. They are legit 2nd liners at age 23...and are showing signs every year that they will keep getting better. But I still understand your hesitation in moving Nilsson...I have a feeling about him as well, just worried he may be one of these Naslund-types that takes a fair share of time to develop. Can we feel comfortable that Milbury is gonna give him that time???
  16. Not even close... First off, we add those 5 million and remove 2 top 4 dmen in the process. Hamrlik + Aucoin >>>>> Pronger. Pronger, Jonsson, Niinimaa, Martinek, Butenschon, Cairns, Pettinen, Gervais, Caldwell??? I don't know what some of you all are seeing, but Radek Martinek is simply not a top 4 dman right now...not even close. So we've weakened our overall backline, and put ourselves into a financial situation where we're even more shackled. No thanks. I'll stick with Peca + a draft pick for Demitra and call it a day. Can we forget about all these Chris Pronger scenarios...the guy isn't coming here.
  17. Blair...I happen to agree with you, and I don't think the Sedins are going anywhere. That's more than fine with me. Just kicking the can a bit as a result of this article. As far as Peca, the Canucks have been lacking a real playoff type player...one who can shut down an opponents best. Trevor Linden is very much on his last leg, and Nazzy is more of a quiet Captain. Peca would provide so many intangibles the Cancuks have been missing the past 2 years.
  18. To me, any trade of the Sedins wil require the other team to give up their best prospect...and that's Nilsson. Especially because Peca costs a pretty penny and Vancouver would like to come out of this as close to even as possible payroll wise. You gotta give to get...and I hate to say this but we're not talking about a thing as sure as a Joe Thornton or a Vinny Lecavalier. Robert Nilsson still has alot to prove.
  19. CREW...hat's definitely the distinction you would have to make when contemplaying this deal. Way I see it, Daniel had 58 points last year, and was a +18, while Henrik put up very similar numbers to Peca (+23). All while basically not having a consistent or threatening linemate the whole year. At their age, and due to how they get better every year, I can't honestly believe they've even come close to maxing out. Do we feel Weinie will get better??? Well, he's their age...why would we not expect the Sedin's to keep climbing the ladder as well? I recognize they've had more NHL experience, but IMO that only makes me feel more comfortable they'll get better. Their draft position is relevent because they are just starting to reach the age where you see players taken in these slots progress into what they were projected to be. Marleau, Lecavalier, you can point to a ton of players. We all focus so much attention on the draft now, that we forget that you're looking at 4-5 years to really begin to see what you have in the vast majority of the cases. With the Sedins, right now you have two 23 year olds who have continued to get better each year and have learned and executed a very effective overall game and a good, honest defensive side. It's my belief, and like I said this is where you have to go with your personal feelings, that Daniel will be a 70-80 point plus player...while Henrik will be a defensively sound and smart 55-65 point pivot man, both at the very LEAST. Add a quality winger or someone they have chemistry with (i.e Weinie) and I think you've just increased the chances of them being even better. Call that 1st line, call that 2nd line, I don't care....I'll call them players you win with. We're not talking about moving Nilsson for a 35 year old veteran who may have something left (a la Nieuwie for Iginla way back when).
  20. It's not giving up on Nilsson when you are acquiring two 23 year olds who were #'s 2 and 3 in their draft year themselves. Are we all so convinced that Nilsson is going to become the next Markus Naslund that it would prevent us from trading him for the Sedin's??? As far as Parrish/prospects/2nd rounder...OK, Vancouver will offer Matt Cooke, Brandon Reid and a 2nd rounder for DiPietro and Weinhandl. Now you know how that looks.
  21. Trots, one thing I can tell you is that Allen goes nowhere. But I'm glad you understand the concept of the trade proposal. It's not rebuilding, it's not adding to the current roster (my choice, as it is yours, but we know it isn't gonna happen). It's getting very good, young, cheap players now who can be more in the very near future...and gaining some financial flexibility now to do the other things that need to be done.
  22. But, EB...they truly would be the best of both worlds...as they are good second line players already who don't make a Hell of a lot of money, plus they are young and are only gonna get better. Through this trade, you pretty much have your 2nd line, have saved a bit of money by trading Peca for the two, and can now move a Parrish plus one of the top 4 dmen for that top line wing. The bruiser can be gotten through FAncy. This trade actually would give the Isles MORE flexibiliy to do the rest of the things you are talking about. You could also move Scatchard and have Kvasha as your 3rd line center. The possibilities are endless, and you acquired 2 kids who have still have 1st line potential themselves. I think it would great from a ton of angles...even though I know it's not going to happen. Hey Blair, throw in a 2nd rounder and we'll talk
  23. Then you simply wouldn't get them. With the Sedins you can't look at the physical stats (6'/195)...first off, each year they get a bit bigger and stronger on their skates. But more importantly you have to watch the kind of game they play. TREMENDOUS puck control along the wall, and they grind away shift after shift and wind up tiring out the opposition (hence the excellent +/-). Nifty as well...plus put Weinie back with them and they'll be even better as it is becoming obvious they play very much through feel and anticipation. Regardless, they are truly Eatern Conference players. Plus, Peca and Nilsson are not big themselves. 23 years old, Henrik is turning into the 2nd line, responsible playmaking center he was projected to be...while Daniel raised his production significantly. There's still a much higher ceiling here to boot. I don't believe they are going anywhere and that's fine with me. They are good right now, but in a couple/few years they are gonna be 2 players you win with, I have no doubt.
  24. Trotts, it was also a CHOICE of Toft OR Papineau, plus Bates and a pick. I believe that'll get you a 12 piece bucket, with slaw and 2 sides if I'm not mistaken.
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