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  1. Hey Paul - did you get to NS yet like you were planning this summer?

  2. Thanks for the B-Day wishes! Hope you have a great day!

  3. Sorry the Canucks didn't pull it out for you. Just wasn't meant to be I guess. Hope there are no major injuries tonight with all the rioting going on right now. Take care.

  4. Almost!! He deserves to know what it's like. Maybe if he re-signs the Bolts will pull a Pens and make it all the way the second year in their return to the playoffs! Anyway, I'll be happy once he re-signs. Take care!

  5. Hey - yeah I saw the Homecoming pics, not sure what Roli was driving, probably a rental like you said. I know when he left the Oilers he drove a Ford truck. Ha ha, we sound like stalkers! I was happy to hear Yzerman wants to talk to him about re-signing. I get what you are saying but I do hope he gets to raise the cup some day, that's what all NHL players want, he deserves to know what

  6. Sad night. Hope Roli gets another chance. Pretty sure he'll get another contract.

  7. I missed that, it would have been good to see. Found this article which was pretty good. Lots of great articles coming out, this battle with Thomas should be good, they have such a similar history. http://www.telegram.com/article/20110510/NEWS/105109880/1009/sports

  8. Another great night! Can't beleive they swept the Caps - shocked a ton of people. Roli gets a bit of well-deserved rest now too. So happy right now!


    Are you as happy as I am? Plus your Canucks got it done!

  10. Nice to see him top 3 in the SOTY although I think to get his stick on the puck is tougher than gloving it, but Thomas and Conks made amazing saves too. Take care!

  11. Hey - yep I saw the highlights, was kinda mad the game wasn't televised! Oh well, hoping for a strong game from him tonight. He's been very good but I think he's been doing a bit too much to try to get calls. Although, I've yet to watch a full game yet! Hopefully will be home tonight to watch. Nice to see him top 3 in the SOTY although I think to get his stick on the p

  12. Thanks for letting me know about The Score - we do get it, but I haven't been home very much to watch anything! I'll see if they have stuff like that archived, they probably have a website. Take care!


    I have to get to work so haven't looked at them all yet. Which one are you in the pics?

  14. Oh I still can't view those pic's you just sent but I'm wondering if it has anything to do with my inactive FB status?

  15. Hey, got your message! I haven't watched the game yet but I'm happy everytime Roli helps beat the Leafs! I think his family is still on LI though, there was an article a few weeks ago about him being back. Maybe they're staying for the full year?

  16. I'm sorry I missed your B-day, hope it was a good one! Hope too everything's fine with you after that tsunami warning...sounds like it wasn't as bad as was feared.

  17. I was wondering if you were able to watch last night's game! Hope you caught a replay. I think Roli's really settling in nicely! Nice to have a shutout before getting to spend a few days with his family. Take care!

  18. Hey otto - hope all is well with you. Pretty exciting times for Roli right now, did you see last night's game?

  19. Roli sure did deliver last night! So happy for him and he gets the start vs PIT tonight!

  20. Hi - sorry I forgot to get back to you! Probably a lot of pics to email, hopefully I can get myself back on FB over the holidays, so if you want to send me the link that would be great, thanks!

  21. Hey - saw you visited my profile, hope you are having a great trip! I think you are still in Europe, have been thinking of you! Take care.

  22. Have been thinking of you, so glad you have arrived safely in London! Looking forward to hearing about your trip!

  23. Hey - did you get a chance to see the game tonight? Centre Ice is free for the month it seems if you can get it. Roli's looking good!

  24. How's it going? Any news on Benny? Hope all is well, been pretty busy here. Not sure if you got my last response to your message, I don't see it on your page. Anyway, just checking in, you must be getting excited for your trip!!

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