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  1. Hey, thanks for your "like" on my profile (I assume it was you lol!). Still a long ways to go to catch you, but it's a start! :P

  2. *almost!* a hockey-crazy city will help both of them, both on and off the ice.

  3. Hey, I saw an article today about Garon and how he's so excited too to be in TB and wants to win. Sounds like he (still) has a great respect for Roli, and is comfortable w/his role on the team. Really does seem like their relationship this year will be better (especially since I'm sure Roli won't be worrying about things like he was then). I'm sure the fact that they're not in

  4. Last one I promise! :P Also, of course, that the impact he's had on so many, and the things we've learned from him, will last way longer than anything that happens on the ice.

  5. BTW, love your new sig...obviously I agree 100% w/the "champion" part. That's actually why it honestly wouldn't upset me if he never wins a Cup...just b/c obviously the things that make him a champion are things that can't be measured by Cup rings, stats or anything else the world considers important. :)

  6. Looks like a nice ride...thought he drove a truck lol, but maybe he decided it was time for a change, or else it's just a rental while he's in FL. Do you know what kind that is?

  7. http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2011/photo_galleries/lightning_homecoming/ This link from the Bolts' "homecoming" was in a thread on their board on HF...check out pic #10! :D Nice to see him interacting w/ the fans a bit.
  8. Yeah I have no doubt he'll get a new contract...hopefully w/TB! :D I'm sure he's excited about seeing his family again soon at least. Hopefully he doesn't have any nagging injury issues.

  9. Love the last line of your sig...I totally agree (on both points, that he did everything he could and this won't be the last we'll see of him! :D). Nice to see so many of you guys still fans of his!

  10. Nice to see both MacT and Boucher give Roli votes of confidence tonight. :) Hopefully both he and they can have a great bounce back game on Thursday!

  11. Thomas has also made it clear, more than once, that he's a big fan of Roli's and has a lot of respect and appreciation for him. Can't wait for the series to start...wish I wasn't working during game 1 though! ):

  12. Thanks for the link...nice read! Awesome to see that the qualities we admire so much in him were there long before he made the NHL. (Loved the food fight story!). Roli and Thomas do seem to have a lot in common...amongother (obvious) things, Thomas as well as Roli seems to be a pretty humble and classy guy.

  13. almost made it! *different ending this year...

  14. Hey, the HNIC Cup Classics late night game last night was the Sabres/Stars, and although Roli obviously wasn't prominent in that one, they showed him sitting on the bench and talked a bit about a couple games he'd played. Wonder if that Roli had any thought that he'd not only be a starter in the NHL, but still playing so well, 12 years later! :D Here's hoping for a different en

  15. ...especially people who clearly have their opinions based on his on-ice play and behaviour, and refuse to acknowledge the awesome things. But I've been so glad these whole PO's, to see people continuing to support him from the Oil/Isles/Wild...obviously he'll always have his true fans no matter what, and that's all that really matters! :D

  16. Hey, nice job as always defending against the Roli haters! :D Even though I figured out a long time ago that no amount of haters or their words will ever change the reasons I (we!) support and respct him so much, or that we do, it's hard still sometimes to not get frustrated by that...

  17. Did you hear MacT's comments about him on the TSN panel tonight (basically about how well he's doing and how some of the other teams probably regret not signing him)? Sounds like they're still good friends, and I'm sure MacT has been following him really closely and w/interest. :)

  18. Yay Roli! :D Glad they'll have a nice break to look forward to. I'm sure he's still in total playoff mode, but hopefully since they do have so much time off he'll get to see his family for at least a bit; that would be sweet! :)

  19. Yes!!!!! :D B/w the Canucks last night and this game, it's been a bit of a nerveweracking couple days. But it's worth it! Did you see the game videos on the Bolts site, including the handshake one? At the end of the game, they showed Roli w/the biggest smile on his face...so great. :D

  20. BTW, I was glad to read some TB media articles about the game yesterday that, rather than bashing him for the loss, focused instead on his ability to put tough losses behind him and other qualities his teammates and coaches admire, and those 2 or 3 huge saves. :)

  21. Excited for the game tomorrow (especially since I'll be able to watch most of it! :P)...hope he and they have a good game and can tie up the series. Did you see his two highlight-reel saves yesterday?

  22. Check out #3! :D Should've been #2 and Thomas #1 IMO, but at least he's right up there. :)

  23. Hey, there have been a couple nice articles about Roli from TB writers in the last few days. And it was sweet to hear MacT speak highly of him and give him a vote of confidence in the TSN playoff preview show today!

  24. It wasn't much, just some saves and stats, but always nice to see him get that respect and recognition after being so underappreciated for so many years. :)

  25. Hey on the Score tonight (you guys get that there, right?) they had a little "segment" (more like a commercial really) called "Canada's Best", and Roli was their featured player!

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