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  1. Yo...can you please start a PM with me? Gotta discuss this fans for change thing!

  2. I had a very good time! The Isles won and I won $30 at Empire City :D!

  3. Come on tell me! I promise I will not publish it :D. Big deal..I told the whole school to congradulate the team lol.

  4. Hey, I am posting here because I don't want to flood the DP thread...I really enjoyed the practice also. I stayed up in the 200s the whole time. A puck isn't worth getting hurt over, neither is Park's gatorade bottle ;). I have so many pucks because i use to have season tix in 102, row AA, where the players were throwing pucks. The linesmen use to throw them to me there.

  5. Post something!!!! we are doinf goalie mask threads...check it out!

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