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  1. So if the guy isn't lighting the lamp in the playoffs on a consistent basis, and he is streaky in the regular season, and if the isles grab a stronghold to the 5th or 6th playoff spot before he comes back, why, exactly would the isles need him????? (Especially if we could get that crease clearing d-man). (Again, this all hinges on the fact that the Isles can grab onto the #5 or 6 spot before he comes back).
  2. If the isles keep playing well, and manage to have a nice hold on the 6th spot by the time Parrish comes back, that would show how expendable he has become. Anybody has his stats the past 2 playoff performances? I know he had the last goal in game 5 vs. Ottawa. Hardly clutch. Anybody remember how he did vs. Toronto?
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