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  1. I hold in my hand the last envelope...

  2. Happy Birthday !!!

  3. Happy birthday !!!

  4. I'll take that deal in a fraction of a second.
  5. Bossy573


    I certainly wouldn't be too proud of that.
  6. Pure fantasy, of course, but Leetch is still a tremendous player. I would be interested.
  7. Ad me to the "where do I sign?" crowd.
  8. I'll have to keep this one in mind for Thursdays tilt at the Garden.
  9. Quite similar to a lot of Blueshirts. There is a chance that removal from MSG might lead to a resurgence. Then again, it might not. Make no mistake, Kovalev would be a rental. No way the Isles sign him once the year is over. I don't think Kasper's contract as it stands now is that much of an impediment. The Rags already paid the signing bonus. Taking it on would, however, spell the end of Hammer's days as an Islander, but the chances of that are already pretty good as they stand now. A healthy Kasper would be his ideal replacement. Who knows, assuming Sather gets the boot sometime
  10. Thanks but I was fully aware of Kasper's injury. See above.
  11. I don't believe it is career threatening and if I heard correctly, he will be back before year end. Might make it a cheap acquisition. Besides which, even though there may not be a season next year there will eventually be a "next" season where the needs that exist now will still need to be addressed. As far as Kovalev is concerned, there is nothing to pay. Of course, watching this guy float through another game this afternoon.............
  12. I still think, and have always thought, that Kasper would have been a perfect addition to this team. Of course, the Rangers grossly overpaid him, but as you mentioned, the signing bonus is done and he makes exactly what Hammer will make next year if he is still here. Darius brings a physical presence, an attitude and a repuation whcih would be exactly what the doctor ordered. I knows he's injured but damn, I wish this guy was an Islander. Case in point. In a first round match-up with Toronto, how likely are Roberts and Tucker to go looking for Peca, Jonsson or Blake knowing Kasper is right t
  13. You know, if the Rangers were actually to become sellers there are certainly a few role players there that would address some of our weaknesses. Consider: 1. *gasp* Matthew Barnaby. (Last year of contract) 2. Chris Simon. (Last year of contract) 3. *double gasp* Alexei Kovalev (Last year of contract, this year mostly paid). Can't help thinking how he would look on a line with Kvasha and Yashin. BUT the single player on that team who would be THE PERFECT FIT, who WOULD ADDRESS EVERY DEFICIENCY ON THE BACKLINE, who WOULD INSTANTLY ENERGIZE THE BACKLINE AND THE TEAM, who would, be nature o
  14. Actually looking less likely now. Bonk would be a nice addition but at a more reasonable price.
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