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  1. How does Jillson compare to Hainsey, who was also apparently available on waivers recently ?
  2. Maybe we can throw Parrish into the mix......
  3. according to Hahn, Hamilton remains Islanders property....can I put this one back on the table?
  4. what about strictly from the perspective of our needs?
  5. Parrish to the Leafs for Pilar & Brendan Bell. I don't know that it's necessarily a fit from the Leafs perspective, but perhaps it works from our perspective and in terms of value? We add some younger, affordable defense.
  6. he is listed on the team website under "prospects"........anyone?
  7. good question.....I assumed we still held his rights
  8. NyIsles77

    W/ Bruins

    Spectors is reporting that Andy Hilbert is requesting a trade. To Boston : NHL rights to Jeff Hamilton To NYI : RFA Andy Hilbert Swap of successful AHL players. No NHL spot for either with the current respective teams. Hilbert can play center or wing according to tsn.ca, so he could be a wing on any of the three top lines, or possibly be the third line center, behind Yashin and Kvasha. Thoughts?
  9. NyIsles77


    I would be afraid that Atlanta will actually want younger players (ie Weinhandl) rather than pricey vets (Parrish) or picks.
  10. I was under the impression that the Caps had several well rated goalies in their system, any one of which could get them to the end of the season. I would then expect that they could sign a UFA in the offseason, or even re-sign Kolzig when he becomes a UFA. I had also read elsewhere that Buffalo might be interested in an experienced backup, as Biron, Noronen and Miller are all young players. That's what made me think Snow might be of interest to them, although I'm sure Kolzig could interest them under the same circumstances. I would actually rather give up Parrish in a trade than Wei
  11. I've never proposed a trade before, but what about the following: To Buffalo: Parrish & Snow To Isles: Satan Isles take on additional payroll, get significant scoring upgrade. Buffalo gets playoff experienced backup goalie, legitimate scorer, shed salary Then To Washington: Hamrlik & '04 3rd or 4th or 5th round pick (or combination of) To Isles: Witt & Kolzig Isles get physical, young vet dman they desperately need; upgrade backup goalie with no future obligation (UFA at season's end?) Caps get established all around dman (possible replacement for the
  12. NyIsles77


    MacLean said that? That's too bad, Lachance is another dman that would be a suitable pickup for the playoffs....
  13. Well, Harvey is the kind of player who is most valuable during the playoffs. Does he possibly have problems with frequent injuries, though? I would be a little hesitant to give up Papineau at this point, because I don't believe we have seen what he is really capable of. Also, wasn't Harvey playing in the AHL at the beginning of the season....maybe he could be had for less than Papineau?
  14. The thing I think we may be overlooking here is that FLA is supposedly looking to add experienced dmen, and if they move Lilja to acquire one, they are essentially making a lateral move, no? If the Isles are moving Hamrlik/Niniima (which I think they absolutely should not do), Milbury should ask for the moon. I think the best move would be to keep both and sign Hamrlik to a reasonable contract extension.
  15. If FLA is looking for established dmen, I'm not sure what the Isles could offer that wouldn't hurt them down the stretch. I think they need to hang on to all of Jonsson/Aucoin/Niniimaa/Harmlik in order to have any success down the stretch as well as in the playoffs. That being said, either of Kozlov and Jokinen are good additions to the team. Just a matter of the price being right. Plus, what is the salary situation on both?
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