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  1. I would agree with that but the argument against that would be that teams wouldn't be looking to add salary without giving up salary. Why would any team take Peca at 5 million and give up draft pick(s) without trying to unload a player or two that's under contract? I just think with this whole CBA nonsense, trades will be harder to work out because of the uncertainty.
  2. I've always loved Scatchard's game when healthy, he can be our regular #3 center and do alot of what Peca does. Kvasha as the #2 Center is a great idea. I'd put Papineau on his wing because he can finish and Kvasha just loves finessing the puck to his winger's. Palffy on the right side of yahsin sounds great but I'd ONLY want Ziggy back if he finally agrees to do more weight training to build up his upper body. His history of shoulder ailments can be attributed to lack of free weight workouts. Hope he's wised up by now.
  3. I'd love to see that line on the island, however...we have enough soft players on our curent 1st line. While the Sedin twins have improved their play in their own end each year, they're not overly physical and can be intimidated. However, that line combo could and will draw alot of penalties. Interesting trade though.
  4. Didn't forget but tried leaving him out to try to make the trade look some what even, it didn't work. draft day 2000 ever wish that when you wake up it never happened kinda like watching the Godfather knowing full well that Sonny's about to get killed but hoping everytime that he escapes. If they only had EZ PASS, he could have made it past the tolls!
  5. I spoke too soon, just realized it was placed in trade proposals. Please refrain from reading the previous post.
  6. who's the person who moved this thread? It's an Islander related thread, now it's moved to elsewhere in the NHL? I moderate on another board and I have to say, at least WE give a reason for moving, editing and moderating. Unreal!
  7. I posted a dumb trade idea on another board. I NEVER do this and despise people who do this but here I go... Daniel Alfredsson makes 5 million average per year with additional 1.5 bonus each year. Peca makes 5+ next year.Straight up? No way, If possible, would take more from the Isles to land Alfredsson BUT. Ottawa needs more grit and leadership. 4 playoff ousters against the Leafs. Peca-Tucker rivalry? We need a right winger for Yashin? I like Wienhandl alot but maybe for a second line when he develops more upper body strength. Anyway, go ahead and blast me folks.
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