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  1. Happy Birthday !!!

  2. Hawks have a glutton of good young d-men the isles could use - namely Barinka or my personal preference - Babchuk I doubt the likes of seabrook or barker could be had food for thought http://spectorshockey.tripod.com/spectors_trade_rumours.html
  3. Isles72

    W/ Bruins

    what about hilbert ... is he worth a look OTF ?
  4. Isles72

    W/ Bruins

    its a shame that the B's wont give hilbert a shot at playing with the big team -I guess they think Isbister is better. regarding Hamilton - I dunno if we still own his rights - I know we owned them last year even tho he played for the wolfpack
  5. everyone needs a parrish-holmstrom on their team
  6. I'd rather spend 1.25 on some of the decent names bandied about as free agents - Majesky,Lilja types to partner with Martinek on the 3rd pair and get one or both of Gervais and Campoli in the mix I love j smith too , but he makes a lil too much coin
  7. Isles72

    Trade Idea

    The Sens get the best player but we get a good all round d-man and a fine lil centerman ---both of these guys rumored to be bought out basically trading off salaries and helping eachother fill some holes at the same time we are deep at Center - and I think we can all agree Kvasha deserves to be #2 center so I propose to nyi - deVries,Todd White to ott - Peca weinhandl-yashin-hunter bergenheim-kvasha-parrish blake-t.white-scatchard godard-mapletoft-asham niinimaa-deVries
  8. Isles72

    An Idea

    sedrikk , who nominated you to be the muppet meister ?
  9. Naa , I'd wait til July 1 and get Ziggy for free
  10. Interesting indeed .Salei is very underrated and would be a solid addition to our bluline in the event that one of our ''big 4'' were traded .I can see Anaheim biting on Niinimaa + our first rounder to get the deal done . With all the uncertainty , I cant see the isles taking on more payroll though
  11. I can certainly see Muckler being interested in Peca and we all know the Sens have been in the mood to trade Bonk for quite some time now . I dont think Sens would be interested in Hamrlik though
  12. Isles72


    I liked the way Parrish played down the stretch and I'd personally like to keep him on board as his style of play is an element we need . Stirling and co. seem to have Mark playing a better rounded game , which could only become a positive in the future if the trend continues . i.e -get him more involved by having him on one of the pen killing units
  13. what pissed me off about the Luongo trade was that it was the first thing that came out of the announcers mouth. The draft show , not even 30 seconds in ''we have a big trade to announce'' then I knew Rico was coming to the island . ahh well
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