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  1. I gotta feeling that you are a homosexual.  That's not good. I try to talk offensive pinning and this guy is gotta get two for high sticking in his parent's home 

  2. Definitely take it to Stitches in Whitestone and see if they have/can get the lettering. I'm almost sure they'll be able to do it. The number is 17187476444.

  3. Cuz I'm desperate for someone to stitch my Fisherman :(

  4. Nope, I get a lot of my more obscure jerseys stitched there; they're great when it comes to that kind of stuff. I work at NHL-Reebok in midtown so I can't get any CCM, Koho, etc. jerseys stitched at work. Why do you ask?

  5. Dude, do you work at Stitches?

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