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  1. Happy Birthday !!!

  2. Kind of hard to miss the big orange graphic.
  3. sedrikk

    An Idea

    I need a lot more than a nap.
  4. sedrikk

    An Idea

    Trade the entire team for prospects and then go hire non union players. We will then be the only team with a roster and will win the cup by default. And yes, I was not serious. There is just no hockey talk.
  5. I moved it, too late, read the first post. Its ok.
  6. Washington will probably want a goalie back. probably have to go something like this: NYI: Kolzig & Witt Wash: Snow, + one of either 2 Picks or a dman and a pick NYI: Satan Buff: Parrish (hopefully someone else) & Pick You can substitute any one of our prospects wherever i have put in picks.
  7. LOL. I was originally going to say Philly or the Rangers.
  8. With JRs Injury I can see Philly picking him up.
  9. Last year we had 2 players in the +, and 2 even. 1 MATTIAS TIMANDER 1GP +1 2 ERIC GODARD 2GP +1 3 JUSTIN PAPINEAU 1GP EVEN 4 JUSTIN MAPLETOFT 2GP EVEN Two years ago, we had 4 players in the +, and 3 even. 1 RAY SCHULTZ 2GP +2 2 STEVE WEBB 7GP +1 3 OLEG KVASHA 7GP +1 4 TRENT HUNTER 4GP +1 5 JIM CUMMINS 1GP EVEN 6 BRAD ISBISTER 3GP EVEN 7 EVGENY KOROLEV 2GP EVEN
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