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  2. It might be time to update!

  3. "you were posting avery articles while.."

  4. Someone has to leave you a comment. :)

  5. FYI, Hamilton has signed in Russia.
  6. It's odd, I noticed that too but he wasn't mentioned when NHL.com said all the UFA/RFA's that each team had..and we know he wasn't signed.
  7. FYI -- Moved this forum into the Islander Mania area for the offseason.
  8. Isleschick


    Yeah it was when he was still coach/GM and he said something like "It's not that I outcoach them, but maybe I out GM Milbury"
  9. Isleschick


    I got the feeling that after Doug MacLean said the reason why the Isles can't beat the BJ's is because he's a better GM, Milbury won't be making trades with him anytime soon.
  10. http://www.canoe.ca/NewsStand/TorontoSun/S.../15/348596.html ouch!
  11. I'll do it. You know what that is..and this is for anyone that's wondering. There's a safety feature in the board that will not allow 2 capital letters in a row in thread titles so that we won't get people who type in all caps writing something like I AM GOING TO KILL MYSELF AFTER THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(won't allow multiple !!!!'s either) Comes in handy for Post articles.
  12. I agree with Scott. I never blamed MAD WANG for not paying the six-year, $25.5 million deal with $6 million in signing bonuses that the Rangers paid. If they did decide to take on another long term contract (unlikely) It would have to be a three way trade..but I still think it's more likely to be a snowballs chance in hell. Milbury said in the pregame show that he doesn't expect to be active at the deadline, getting Parrish and Yashin back.
  13. This Article says the Flyers, Habs, Colorado & Florida have interest.
  14. 3+ years remaining on his contract before a new CBA? Can't see it happening.
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