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  1. tempting but no.I like how RD's developing.I think the isles can win a championship with him if he continues to develop. and in the playoffs,a player like Parrish will be a lot more valuable then Huselius.
  2. If the isles wouldn't pay Cairns $1m to be their enforcer,I doubt they'd pay Laracque $1m when he's not even been as willing as Cairns was, to drop the gloves the last 1-2 seasons.
  3. Thorton($5.5m) and Gonchar($3.5m), are both headed to arbitration. Thorton expected to use Bertuzzi's new deal which averages out to $7.9 million a year and Iginla's $7.5 million salary in his argument. Boston press says Thorton would like a longterm deal: 5 yrs/$45m. Gonchar's coming off a 58 pt season. B's have twice before walked away from arbitration awards,but a team is only allowed to walk away from 1 award a yr and I don't see the B's walking away from Thorton anyway.They could walk away from Gonchar's award.I'm not sure if their walking away from Gonchar,would help the isles in a pitch for Samsonov or not.There defense looks weak right now with Gonchar,so they'd really need defensive help it they lost Gonchar. Samsonov's coming off 2 disappointing seasons,where he battled injuries.He took the Bruins qualifying offer and will make about $3.6m. I'd like the isles to see if Samsonov's available,dangling Niinimaa($2.9m)+2nd.
  4. Why would you trade anything for a player who is about to be an unrestricted free agent in 9 days? also Ziggy was quoted a few yrs ago,basically saying he'd thanked god when he got word MM had traded him
  5. Between Wang's tight budgets and what Newsday's calling Wang's mandate(keeping the young prospects),I think we'll see MM has no choice but to show more patience.
  6. I'd rather not see roughly $15m tied up in Demetra+Pronger.Isles already have one huge contract with a salary cap expected. Also I think the isles have a better chance of getting the antsy Hamrlik signed to a multi-yr extension that fits into their budget,then they do getting Demetra or Pronger signed to a team friendly deal.
  7. Gradin maybe you're right and nyi posters just don't want to give anything of value I mentioned you came up with this Van/NYI proposal on hf's trade board,asking for opinions. Is there anything the Isles could put in the deal in place of Nilsson?
  8. Gradin you make a good pt, about how long it took Marleau and Lecavalier to develop.
  9. We don't know what Nilsson will become, but after 4-5 yrs in the league,we know the Sedins are good 2nd liners,who'll score 40-50 pts a yr.Maybe they'll become 75-90 pt a yr 1st liners,maybe good 2nd liners is as good as it'll get. why should their draft position boost their trade value, after being in the league for 4-5 yrs?It's not like they've torn up the league.
  10. How about Peca and this yr's #1? It's way too soon to give up on Nilsson.
  11. but do they want to move a good trade chip like Gauthier, for a defensively soft Perreault who's not a Sutter type player? and with a cap coming,it would be a rental. 02/02/04 Calgary Sun http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam040203/nhl_cal2-sun.html The under-achieving Yanic Perrault, a healthy scratch in four games this season, or forward Niklas Sundstrom would be coming to the Stampede City in return. (This part of the rumour doesn't seem realistic -- acquiring Perrault and his hefty $2.8 million US salary doesn't fit the M.O. of Flames GM/head coach Darryl Sutter and Sundstrom is a right winger, arguably Calgary's deepest forward position.)
  12. I thought the rumor was a steal for the Habs too,but I read the Flames have injuries and have been struggling on faceoffs for weeks now. Flames fans on hf had originally laughed off Perreault to Calgary for a short term rental.Now they're saying that Calgary would be interested,but it shouldn't take Gauthier to get Perreault. also with Conroy about to become a ufa,the Flames get two cheap forwards who are yrs away from becoming ufas.
  13. the Flames are looking for faceoff help and press says they are considering Perreault+Sundstrum for Guatheir+(Saprykin?). looking at the players the Habs/Flames are discussing,I'd like to see Milbury offer Bates+Asham for Guathier. Perreault who makes $2.8m is a ufa this summer.I don't see the Flames keeping him. Bates's provides the faceoff player the Flames are looking for and Asham(about $500,000) is a much cheaper alternative then Sundstrum($1.7m I think).
  14. Brewer had a disappointing season last yr and has been erratic this yr.He makes $2.5m this yr and some posters think he'll to use Redden and Novo's new deals (which are in the $4m-$5m range), to ask for $4m a yr. http://www.sportsline.com/nhl/story/7009086 disappointments: 7. Eric Brewer, Edmonton: He was so highly regarded when he came to Edmonton from the Islanders in 2000, he became one of the youngest members of Canada's gold medal Olympic team two years ago. This year, his stock has fallen dramatically, which has been a problem for the Oilers, who were counting him to take an even bigger role after Janne Niinimaa was traded last year. As a result, he has been one of the most-mentioned names in the rumor mill. Brewer is a very good skater and outlet passer, but his offensive contributions have been minimal, and he has been guilty of far too many mistakes in his own end. http://www.usatoday.com/sports/hockey/colu...ontgomery_x.htm •Kevin Lowe has been shopping defenseman Eric Brewer, but teams are apparently more interested in Steve Staios, whom Lowe is averse to moving. I'd take Brewer in a second. He's big, durable and he won't turn 25 until April.
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