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  1. Ha...never saw this....Thanks!


  2. Happy Birthday !!!

  3. Happy Birthday !!!!

  4. Gradin hit the preverbile nail on the head. WE would commit to O'Neill next year in a heart beat, but will the Wanger??? Since his contract is up and their may be a strike anyway.....ROLL the dice. He hits everything that moves. That's huge even for a guy that doesn't score 60 pts. per season. Another key on O'Neill.......27 years old!!!!!!!!!!!! This isn't like picking up a crusty veteran, I think he would get along very well w/ this team. Send Lavy his "boys". Boughner would just be gravy, the cherry....whatever. But then again......MM has a no-trade clause.
  5. I know the Scatch lovers will hate me, but we need added toughness that are not liabilities. Scatchard and any of "LAVY'S FAVORITES" or picks for Jeff O'Neill Godard, Mapes, Picks....whatever for George Laraque It gives us physical (not dirty) players on every line that "can play". Czerk-Kvasha-Hunter (Hunter finishes checks) Ronning-Yash-O'Neill (O'Neill finishses checks) Blake-Peca-????? (Peca hits....RW depends on who goes for O'Neill) Laraque-????-Asham (Asham + Laraque to bang) Enforcement: Laraque, Cairns, Asham Great offense!!
  6. How about Niinimma PLUS for Gonchar? Add him to the PP threats (Aucoin, Gonchar) on the point. He makes $3.6 VS. Janne's $2.?M Janne is younger. We also won't have to watch him cause goals w/ 6 seconds left anymore.
  7. Everyone keeps forgetting other deals around the league that we usually say... "why didn't MM jump in on that?" Edmonton isn't looking to deal to make a Cup run. It is pure finance. (i.e. Kovalev for peanuts and Jagr for Carter) Granted, Wang may the biggest obstacle to such deals from the $$$ end. But a team looking to dump isn't always demanding equal return in talent. Why can't we steal one for once??
  8. Even if we eleviate their "other" financial commitments? $3.45 Mill - Smyth $2.3 Mill - Smith
  9. They wany Niinimma back?? We'll take Smith and Smyth. Send them Papineau, Mapletoft and Janne. http://spectorshockey.tripod.com/spectors_...de_rumours.html THE LATEST ON THE OILERS. EDMONTON SUN: Mario Annicchiarico suggests several high-salaried Oilers, including forward Ryan Smyth, goaltender Tommy Salo, and defenceman Jason Smith could be on their way out of Edmonton if the Oilers continue to sink in the standings. Smyth has been careless with his play and his taking the club to arbitration in the past could work against him. Spector's Note: Salo and Smith have both been rumoured to be on the trade block for some time and there have been recent rumblings of Smyth possibly being shopped. It's possible we could see a firesale in Edmonton by March 9th.
  10. Two great guys to add in a playoff run. There also perfect "salary shed" players. I'd take both of them. Janne and Papineau (Chow). They get younger and we get better (keep Hammer) Hammer- Aucoin Jonsson-Richardson Cairns-Martinek OR Hammer-Martinek Jonsson-Richardson Cairns-Aucoin (a little more balanced)
  11. The York injury will certainly help everyone's cause to get Smith or Brewer. He's probably their best scorer right now. They are about to sink like a Rock!!! I would just try a do a deal w/ them. Get Smith, Smyth and Laraque. Send Godard, Papineau, D-man, pick or Mapes We now have two of the best enforcers in hockey. (Laraque and Cairns) Ryan Smyth adds to the offense and allows Edm to get rid of him. Jason Smith...no need for comment!! D - upgrade!!
  12. ANDO


    Jason Smith - $2.3 Million Eric Brewer - $2.5 Million http://thefourthperiod.com/Edmonton.html
  13. 3-way w/ forwards and d-men moving all around??? Jason Smtih!!!
  14. Niinimma and Parrish for Kovlov and Lilja
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