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  1. I don't think we would get the maximum out of guys like Jonsson, Hamrlik and the Niinimaa of old by playing them only 20 minutes. Those players can still be effective playing extended minutes in all 3 situations. Plus, I don't think we'd be able to afford the top 4 + a bruiser + Yashin/Peca, etc. If the top 4 bruiser comes it will likely be at the expense of Hamrlik or Niinimaa. Having Hamrlik or Niinimaa as a #5 is a luxury a high payroll team can afford but we can't.
  2. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story.asp?ID=69...814&hubName=nhl
  3. Ditto. Glad you took it as lightheartedly as it was intended. I try to use as many smilies as I can but you never know. Dang internet.
  4. Sure you did man, sure you did. Thanks for going out of your way to "annoy" me. You're like the big brother I never wanted.
  5. I said the games you picked were at random points in the season. The only thing linking them was that Parrish had multiple goals in each of them. LOL, god forbid I should defend my opinion against yours. Is one opinion worth more than another. Don't make me use the "c" word (clique folks, clique. Get your minds out of the gutter. ) I agree wholeheartedly. All in good fun.
  6. I was talking about Brewer, oilswell. Thanks for the info, the deal is easier to understand if Lowe was under pressure.
  7. Absolutely, Parrish is paid primarily to score and go to the net. A guy like Jonsson is paid primarily to make solid plays in his own zone. If Parrish scored more, he'd make more, plain and simple. Personally, I'd rather Parrish score 2 goals in a 3-2 win than once each in a pair of 3-2 losses. So long as he's not the primary offensive weapon we can get away with that.
  8. That's a convoluted way of looking at things. Picking out 6 multiple goal games at random points in the season and lumping the remaining games together as a streak? That's one step short of saying that Parrish has gone scoreless in 200 straight games where he has failed to score a goal. I acknowledge that he's more prone to droughts than other goal scorers in the same range but your logic to justify 01-02 as part of a pattern is stretching it IMO. 98-99 - 24 goals 99-00 - 26 goals 00-01 - 17 goals 01-02 - 30 goals 02-03 - 23 goals streaky not inconsistent. 25 goals is nothing to sneeze at in today's NHL. It's certainly worth a small premium. Just look at the numbers.
  9. In that case, he'll probably be almost as expensive as any of our current defensemen. It's amazing that a team as budget conscious as Edmonton gave him that big a contract in the first place.
  10. Sure if I'm evaluating whether or not a player is "earning his keep". Not everyone is paid equally so we can't demand that everyone produce equally and it's up to management to decide who is worth their cheque and who isn't. I think Parrish is worth his and you don't. No biggee. BTW, if Parrish was on the Penguins he would be their highest paid player after Lemieux and (presumably) their leading goal scorer. That's what happens when a team stinks as bad as they do.
  11. And my point is how much should he be expected to do as the 7th highest paid player. If you want a guy who produces every night, be prepared to pay big bucks for him. These Parrish debates have a habit of going in circles.
  12. This a terrible time to buy a defenseman but a good time to sell. However, it's still too risky to deal Hamrlik with Niinimaa playing this poorly. I'd wait until the trade deadline before pursuing anything. Hamrlik's value will be even greater then if he's going to be dealt.
  13. 2 game winning goals, and 2 goals in a 3-1 win over Jersey. 6 goals and 8 points in 6 games overall. Obviously, the 25 goals in 3 weeks thing was an exaggeration and others contributed to the victories but you get my point. Find me the robot who scores once every 3 games at his salary and I'll make the deal.
  14. Parrish was actually playing left of Scatch and Blake before he got hurt. I think he'll return to LW when he gets healthy. I agree with most assessments of Parrish's abilities but I disagree that he isn't worth his 2.35M salary. Even if he scores all of his 25 goals in a 3 week period, chances are we're going to win just about every game over that stretch (e.g the last hot streak he was on was during our 6 game winning streak). When your 7th highest paid player has the ability to carry a team for such a long stretch, I think you're getting good value. One can't overlook his willingness to absorb punishment in front of the net either. When he pops in a few from close range, I'm sure it rubs off on other struggling players that they should get their noses dirty as well. Obviously he's not an untouchable player. For the right D-Man he's gone. But I'm satisfied with his annual production at the price.
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