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  1. Hey Paul - did you get to NS yet like you were planning this summer?

  2. Happy Birthday Paul!

  3. And a very Happy Birthday to you my friend !! Dont let the big 40 get you down it's only a #

  4. Dude, this is quality stuff!

  5. What are Edmonton fans proposing to give back for Niinimaa?
  6. Interesting. I wasn't aware that his stock had dropped so much. Do you believe he will be traded?
  7. Brewer is not cheap. His salary this year is 2.5 million and he'll want more next year as his contract is up. He held out the last negotiation till the last minute and as he has an inflated idea of his own value, he'll dig in his heels again. The first half of his season was poor as usual and while he's come on the last month or so, he still isn't where he should be considering his physical talent. His head and heart haven't been into it on a consistant basis this year or any other year so far. That's why you hear his name mentioned by fans and media in trade rumors. Edmonton has been
  8. From all the articles that I have read out of Edmonton, they can't stop raving about his play lately, especially since Smith was injured. I would be surprised to see him traded.
  9. Again, I don't understand where people are getting the impression that the Oilers want to trade Brewer. He is their best defenceman, he's young, and he's not that expensive. The Islanders probably have a better chance of getting Carl Brewer than they do Eric Brewer.
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