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  1. Happy Birthday !!!

  2. Thanks. Baby's adorable! Marc

  3. Happy Birthday !!!!!

  4. Seems to me the Isles should settle their priorities before even thinking about acquiring guys like the Sundins. If they plan on keeping Yashin and trying to win relatively soon by augmenting the current core, they have more pressing needs to fill: a top line wing and a punishing defenseman. On the other hand, if they plan to revamp the core and embark on a youthul rebuilding phase, players like the Sundins would merit consideration. But any trade talk is premature until they chart an overall direction.
  5. Intriguing idea, but not at that price. If the Isles are to trade their current MVP (warts and all), top prospect and a high end draft pick, they need proven commodities or blue chip picks/prospects in return. The Sedins, at this point in their respective careers, are neither here nor there, but somewhere in between.
  6. Your "friend" must be hallucinating. Why would Washington take two stiffs who can't play and a pick for a guy who's widely coveted?
  7. In that case, then, I'm "interested" in Scott Stevens. Not sure if he's healthy or available, but I'm definitely interested in him. Right back at ya:
  8. And with the Leafs loading up for a Cup run, you think they're in cutting mode and he's available because ...?
  9. I'd certainly take a shot on Corson if he wanted to come here. He'd fill an important role and wouldn't cost any talent.
  10. Purely in the realm of fantasy given his contract, but the Ranger who'd look best here for the playoffs is Bobby Holik.
  11. These suggestions have been raised and discussed before. 1. The Rangers grossly overpaid for Kasparaitis two years ago. The Isles wouldn't have forked over that kind of money then, so why would they do it now? Plus, he's out indefinitely with a serious injury. 2. Barnaby has a long-running feud with Peca, so he's not coming here. Anyway, the Isles already have a Barnaby. His name is Arron Asham. 3. Isles' won't pay for Kovalev either. And they need a gritty forward and physical defenseman more than another scorer, though a talent like Kovalev is always welcome. 4.
  12. Not sure what I'd offer -- and hate to sound like a broken record -- but if the Capitals really are gutting their club, I'd love to add Mike Grier and Jason Doig. They would make the Isles a scary playoff team, IMO. What would it take to get them?
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