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  1. Hello.  I saw your post just now.  I'm not sure if you're a STH or not but I'd actually be interested in buying the passes to the STH event at Dave & Busters on Feb. 20.  If you, (or anyone you know), would be interested in getting me a ticket to this event, please let me know.  Thanks.

  2. Happy Birthday !!!

  3. my point is, if Boston wanted to dump him bc of salary why would they want more salary.
  4. I would like Boynton, but we have no room under the cap for him. If he was coming cheap, Boston would have signed him already.
  5. Nope! Parrish still young. Hill is "over the Hill"
  6. Hell yeah, on of the best Dmen in tha game still.
  7. Def Like- Would ANA want to add dalary though? Also think the 2nd is a bit much- maybe a 5th at most.
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