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    Grew up in Uniondale, just across Hempstead Turnpike from the Coliseum. Spent a lot of time there during the glory years. Love the Islanders and Jets (1 and 1A). I collect hockey cards. I'm married to a great lady and have a 12 year old daughter and 6 year old son. I am an original season ticket holder of the Trenton Titans of the ECHL. I absolutely love this board. Thanks to everyone who created it, manage it, maintain it, etc.. It is wonderful.
  1. Happy Birthday !!!

  2. Duckman


    I agree with Isles72. Parrish elevated his total game when he came back from his injury and I want him to say. I would still like to get Gauthier though. Sounds like the Flames may be motivated sellers, so how about a 2nd rounder and a player (or the rights to a player we drafted). Not looking to steal him, but not looking to overpay either and Parrish would be overpaying.
  3. Actually the proposal is pretty fair. We don't get to see much of Anaheim but Vishnevski is a good player. We have to be careful not to jump to deal Niinamaa, as his stock has been greatly devalued this season. He is a much, much better player than he has shown this year. Sometimes you just have to ride it out and wait for the guy to turn it around.
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