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  1. Happy Birthday !!!

  2. What if we just send them Paps for future considerations. Would be a nice gesture and may get us on their good side for future trades. Plus we get rid of Paps and pass along the good expectations we got from St. Louis.
  3. Didn't he start off last season pretty hot offensively as well, or am I thinking of someone else. If I'm right, he was money from the point for the first 1/4 to 1/2 of the season.
  4. I think if he is moved, it will not be to an eastern team.
  5. beezer

    What To Do?

    In his younger years Primeau was a good offensive player, he has changed his game as he has gotten older.
  6. beezer


    I think the ease or lack thereof in resigning Parrish will have alot to do with his future on the Island. I for one am a strong supporter of his and thought he was our best player on the ice for many games right before and after his injury. Not many teams have a great deflection and crease swatting forward like him. As for Gauthier, I feel like he is THE most rumored player in the NHL, just behind CuJo last season. He is good and has what we need, but he was hurt as well for the playoff, like to see how he has recovered, he is not the only option for the backline either.
  7. And which of those directions would the proposed deals for the sedins be in? You are trading away a "core" player, the first round pick from last year, and the first round pick from this year. That to me sounds like taking away from both staying the coarse and building for the future.
  8. If it isnt enough to get them, then let someone else have them. I like them and would be happy to have them on the Island, but I wont shed a tear over them going to anyone else. There puck control is the only real skill they have that I feel the NYIs need. Take that away and they are just 2 more 2nd line forwards on this team. We have about 8 or 9 2nd liners as it is. The Isles need puck controlling forward badly, no question there. But giving away Peca, loses our best shut down forward like him or not he is what he is. Add Nilsson and you are giving away the youngster this org. has decided to bank on, he had a pretty bad year from the reports but the scouts didnt want him because of his pedigree alone. And our first round choice, is this the same board that has been claiming we have no prospect depth? All year everyone has been saying we lack a top flight winger for Yash, and a stay at home crease clearer. And what we have too much of are middle of the road forwards. How does this trade help that at all? We wouldnt even be able to draft a nice stay at home d-man and raise him in the system.
  9. We may be undervaluing but I feel you are overvaluing. They are good and young, but IMO not worth our best prospect, captain and a pick. There is always a winner in trades like this, especially if the twins expression of dislike for Van. system is true. Not to mention what we currently have alot of on this team are small forwards. Maybe Parrish Bates and Toft, but I wouldnt go higher.
  10. I thought the Peca, Nilsson, and a 2nd idea was over paying. I was wrong, THIS would be over paying and shooting ourselves in the foot, you are ready to give away our only players under 26 who show any promise of become top flight talent. The only players, prospects or picks I would move for them are : Players: Kvasha, Chow, Paps, Bates or Webb. Prospects: Toft, Manlow Picks: 2nd round and later.
  11. They all play well, they are all shifty with the puck, and all have a good to great shot. But size is an issue, from what I have seen none of them are afraid to get hit or go threw one to eneter the zone, but they all lack the size needed to take another player from the puck. Not to mention we would have our 3 best assist men all on one line.
  12. Peca Nilsson AND a 2nd rounder. Thats overpaying IMO, especially if they have already expressed displeasure with Van. I say one of Toft, Paps, plus Bates and a pick.
  13. beezer


    If that is true than we got raped. Wash. has been passing out players like they were tic tacs, and we would give up 2 dmen (one of the best fighters in the game) and did you have a pick in there too? No way.
  14. I think that is too much to give up for Oneil (bad year), we would need to get at least a pick back as well.
  15. I think that if they are still in the playoff race you can expect the Rags, and or the TMLs to outbid us on any solid blueliners. Washington may not be looking to move Grier or Doig type players because they arent a major financial concern and they will still need to ice a team next year or the year after that at least.
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