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  1. Mixed feelings on Blake. I'm looking forward to seeing him back up defenders without the redline but I'm sure Lowe might have some interest in Blake cause he'd replace York's speed and some offense. On that sheet of ice Blake would probably end up putting himself through the end boards. J. Smith has I think been thier captain for some time. Is a solid stay at home type with good intangibles. Gives a little more N.A presence to our backline. Another option would be Blake for Laracque or some hybrid of that deal. Not pining for Blake to be dealt by any means. I'd actually pref
  2. Nope, Scatchard stays unless it's an absolute gimme.
  3. so do I. Just not sure that Papineau would get it done.
  4. to Washington Parrish, Papineau or Weinhandl, high pick or Gervais to NYI Lang and Doig. Best aspect of this deal is that it will annoy Larry Brooks when he's forced to consider MM's motives.
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