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  1. Rice-a-roni does not pass to the chicken enough. I think a Lemon Garlic sauce and fresh Snow Peas would be a better compliment on a line with the chicken.

  2. The chicken always does well when it's made at our friends house but we need to give the chicken more of a chance at our house."

  3. "Honey, tonight I decided to make steak instead of chicken."

    Gaza- "You can't just give up on the Chicken that easily, it's got a quick release. If it wasn't for the Brocolli not giving the Chicken enough space in the pan, the Chicken would be the tastiest dish ever. I think the Chicken just doesn't get enough time in the oven. The chicken always does well wh

  4. It was a present from my room mates. They said they were gong to get me a car phone so that I could call other car beds.

  5. How many personalities do you have anyway?

  6. I totally agree. You certainly could do worse than Gordie.

  7. Gordie is the best poster ever. At least I think so.

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