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  1. Armstrong! What's up, man? 631 877 5478 if you want to text. 

  2. Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Ok bear with me on this one. The Flyers are over the cap, even with the removal of Roenick. They have many RFA's to sign. After those RFA's are signed, they will be over the cap by roughly 5 million. If your a GM in the NHL, do you tender an offer to one of the RFA's they have right now. For instance: Mike Milbury offers Simon Gagne 2 years at 3mil a season. Under the new CBA, the "penalty" for this would be $2 to $3 million - One 1st and one 3rd round pick That is not a steep price for Gagne. I'm not saying we need Gagne per say, but there are other RFA's such as Kim Jonss
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