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    Music, writing, reading.
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    I know the Muffin Man.

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    Brooklyn, NY... geographically part of L.I.
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    Mark Streit, Matt Moulson, Kyle Okposo

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  1. Thanks. :) I've been here pretty much since 05, but I haven't been around lately, obviously, lol.

  2. Nice to see another female Islanders fan here like myself!! Take care & Happy New Year!!

    Thanks, Carissa

  3. hey... loving the song you quoted in your personal info. :)

  4. Hey. Just to let you know, I'm so with you about the jerseys... honestly, I don't know why they even make the pink jerseys. They're a disgrace. Hope they come out with some white ones soon. :)

  5. Yeah I understand lol... I've been doing lax practice in the afternoons but I want a wkend job so's I can save up for senior year...

  6. Bah, you caught me. lol

    I've been staying up to like 5 o'clock. Until I find work or volunteer work (at my local SPCA most likely) I've been completely and 100% bored with my life. Nothing to do. :(

  7. ok so it's safe to say you stay up very late during the summer, lol

  8. if it didn't work I'll send it through facebook or whatever lol

  9. Hey could you possibly send me that pic of Simon in your avatar? I absolutely love it and cannot find it anywhere :( lol

  10. Hey I lovvvve that profile pic :) when did you get to meet him?

  11. haha...i'm studying to get my permit, watching the stars game which is on in like 10 minutes, and trying to find out what i'm gonna do myself...fun, eh?

  12. same here. I should be doing my homework because I have a huge portfolio due for my journalism class on Monday and I only have like four articles completed out of 15... lol procrastinator that I am. =)

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