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  1. I know its a day early But I hope you have a Happy Birthday , and someone dose an awesome job cooking for you ;)

  2. How is Jillson a better option than Martinek? Size? Fine, but Jeff obviously isn't using it very well.
  3. Scott

    Nick Boynton

    we would be trading salary to get him, say Blake and Martinek plus picks/prospects.
  4. Scott

    Nick Boynton

    Anyone think the Bruins will start entertaining offers for Boynton? He wouldn't be cheap but he is worth giving up a nice package for.
  5. And don't the Leafs have to get under the cap as it is? They need wings, no question about that though.
  6. Adding Leopold would instantly result in the Isles having one of the better top 6's in the NHL.. He isn't the physical guy most want but he is possibly the best defensman on a deep Calgary blueline. And he is only 25. If we had to give up one of our better prospects in the deal it would be worth it. If Parrish or Blake do get traded, it will be interesting to see who Milbury gets to replace them.
  7. It would take more than Parrish. If, and oh what a big if that is, it only took Parrish to get Bouwmeester it would be a no-brainer. The only negative is Bouwmeester's contract demands. Florida would probally want a defensman ready to play now along with Parrish for starters. Would Martinek be enough? Does Keenen view a Gervais or Campoli as NHL ready? If not, whcih of our current top 4 would he want, if any? I would gladly give up a 1st round pick if neccessary.
  8. No. There was something I didn't like about Luongo when he was here, an intangible type factor. No question we should have received more in return for dealing him but I have no problem with trading him in general. From Day 1 I have been saying Luongo will be the "stats" goalie and DiPietro the "winner". And if the game does indeed open up, I like taking my chances with Rick's quickness and puck moving ability. Milbury is cleaning up his reputation a little with some nice moves this summer. If the "new" NHL takes shape there is a good chance DiPietro becomes an even better player since it c
  9. I would make that deal in a second, with or without LaRaque who like others said hasn't exactly been the enforcer recently that he once was. Smith would be an ideal fit in terms of his style of play and character. How much is he making though?
  10. Scott

    Trade Idea

    There are rumors of Ottawa buying out DeVires and letting White walk. Both may be able to be had for nothing in a couple of weeks. Not a bad idea for a trade but also the salries of White and DeVries would almost equal Peca's. If we trade Peca without getting an impact player in return than the purpose would be to free up more money to get said player via free agency. I do like the idea of adding White and/or deVries one way or another. If Ottawa isn't going to re-sign White maybe we can get him with mapletoft? Not sure how much value Justin has, and odds are it would take a little more on
  11. Scott

    Would You?

    I would take any of those defensman but besides Gauthier, none have been rumored to be available. Gauthier has been in the middle of many, MANY, Islander fan trade proposals for the last 2 years.
  12. they get overhyped (by the organization and fans) because they are, or were, our only real defensive prospects. Not that it makes it OK to overhype those 2, but it is a big reason why. They are nice defensive prospects and we are better with them than without them. as for Caldwell being 23, it's because he was in college. It isn't like he has been struggling in the AHL or anything like that. His style of play would be a very welcome addition to the current Islander team as a call-up or MAYBE even if he wins the 6th spot...IF he proves he is ready in other areas. And as for them being solid
  13. why? nobody is saying they can replace any of our top 4, now or in the future. Fact is, Caldwell had a very successful and respected college career and Gervais almost made the team last year at 18. There are more reasons to believe they will be nice NHL defensman (5-7's) than there are that they won't amount to anything. Why are the chances of them being "busts" any higher than the chances of any other prospects being busts? Gradin, you know I respect your opinions very much. Even when I don't agree, I enjoy reading them and take the time to undertsand where you are coming from, but, I thi
  14. I'm factoring in Palffy's health and the fact that he would eat up even more money than Peca which leaves Wang/Milbury with even less money to use on the rest of the team.
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