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  1. Thought you'd get a kick out of this ...


  2. Sorry its late but Happy Birthday !!!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!

  4. Since your inbox is full:

    Nice picture of you in the white suit! LOL

    So, have they found a place for you yet? If so, what are the details?

    So when is your official move up here?


  5. Chicago does have depth when it comes to defensive prospects. I dont see any possible deals for Seabrook and Barker. I'd be looking at a deal along the lines of: Barinka or Babchuck for Parrish.
  6. Yashin90, You must be joking! Out of the 12 icegirls, I would say Erica and Meghan are in the bottom 6!
  7. Calgary has Igilna, Amonte and McCarty on the right side along with whatever other RW's they already had. I dont see them needing/wanting Parrish.
  8. HankMoody

    An Idea

    Slow day sedrikk? Maybe you need a nap!
  9. Ziggy was my favourite when here, but I wouldnt want him back at that price/trade etc. I'd rather MM acquire the players the Isles need. IMO, Palffy is a "want", not a "need".
  10. And again, does Calgary even consider Parrish considering their needs will be a center or 2 and finding bargain priced players? Considering money is a factor and the Flames' potential holes, Mapletoft or Bates might get the job done, give or take a pick/prospect. That's what I was thinking, especially if they cant/wont resign Conroy. Also with the depth they have at D, Sutter might be willing to trade Gauthier for less just to clear a roster spot or two. I think Bates would fit in well with that team.
  11. I wouldnt want to move Parrish, but this is a move I'd consider. Would Bates + be enough to land Gauthier? Doesnt Calgary need centers and if they dont resign Conroy?
  12. I dont like this idea. I'd say "no" to the Isles adding 2 more Europeans while trading Peca in the process. If this trade was made, wouldnt the Isles still have a surplus of forwards? If that is the case, then a couple of the existing ones and one of the top 4 (not KJ) could be packaged for: I dont know, a winger for Yashin?
  13. HankMoody


    You should've laughed back in his face when he mentioned it and then kicked him in the mouth.
  14. Stevens wouldnt be realistic. I also asked about Marchment not Stevens! My original post wasnt that far fetched.
  15. I didnt say they were in "cutting mode". Quinn said he wanted 8 capable dman going in. So maybe they acquired that plus more and then will decide to maybe trade the lesser ones (ITO) and Marchment (he's been sitting alot) could be moved? I asked if there was any interest in him. I didnt state he was available.
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