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  1. NP hope you had fun !!!

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes.


  3. Happy Birthday !!!

  4. thanks for the luck. I plan on using it. win big wampum.

    Hugs & smooches,


  5. I am glad you stopped by to say hi......hope you do well in Vegas this weekend....have a good night & take care doll

    Thanks, Carissa

  6. Glad to hear you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and great time in NYC.

    I am off to Las Vegas this weekend. Wish me luck...



  7. I had an awesome time in the city....posted photos on my Facebook.....I PM'd you my link....wold love to stay in touch with you more....my Thanksgiving went well....thanks for asking doll :) Take care.

    Thanks, Carissa

  8. Have a wonderful turkey day with your family and be safe. Have fun in NYC.


  9. It was a pleasure to hear from you & sorry I missed posting on your birthday.....take care sweetie

  10. Happy Birthday !!!

  11. Your very welcome Carissa.

  12. I like to personally thank you for the ticket stubs & it was so sweet of you to send them to me. :)

    Thanks, Carissa

  13. Happy New Year to you & your family.

    May it bring everything you want and more.


  14. Happy New Year!!

    Thanks, Carissa

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