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Board Guidelines (updated 11/9/16)

Islander Mania Message Board Rules V 3.0

Opening Statement

Islander Mania is a place where the free exchange of thoughts, ideas and opinions is not only welcome, it is encouraged. Please read the rules below and be sure to follow them during your time here.

General Board Etiquette:
Accounts 1 per person. Send questions to the admin.
Avatars Keep it PG-13.
Blogs - Please link in your signature only. If we promote yours then we have to promote ALL blogs.
New Topics Please search for an existing topic before creating a new topic. If you cannot follow this rule your ability to start a new topic will be revoked without notice.
Official Threads Will only be created by the Admin or Moderators of this site.
Other Subjects Please post in appropriate forums.
Personal Messages All board rules apply.
Selling Items Do so in the Marketplace forum only. Posts that break this rule will be edited/deleted.
Signatures Limit your signature (Pictures and/or text) to 480x100 pixels total. Your signature will be removed if it's too large.
Twitter - PLEASE use a link when quoting from Twitter.
User Name - Keep it respectful. Want to change it? P.M. the Admin.

The Following Are Against Our Board Rules And Will Be Met With Disciplinary Action:
Articles Posted Without A Link (Due To Copyright Laws).
Bogus Player Movement Rumors (Moderators Will Ask For A Verifiable Source).
Circumventing the word filter.
Flame Wars (Dont Engage Send A P.M. To A Moderator Instead).
Impersonating A Member Of The N.Y. Islanders.
Personal Attacks of any kind (Admin/Moderator Discretion).
Pirated Software, Movies or Music.
Political Posts.
Porn And/Or Links To Porn.
Private Messages. Do NOT use the PM system to Spam members.
Racially Offensive Posts.
Religious Posts.
Sexually Offensive Posts.
Spam. Have a Blog you would like to promote? You may include the link in your signature.
Trolling And/Or Feeding The Trolls.
Live video streams of games: Unless they are offered via NHL Gamecenter or a broadcast partner of the NHL, such streams are a violation of US and Canadian copyright laws. Please don't put us in an awkward legal position by posting links to these streams or discussing them on the board.

Disciplinary action includes (but is not limited to):
Moderated posting privileges.
Temporary suspension of posting privileges.
Permanent suspension of posting privileges.
Permanent ban from the website.
The above can be implemented without warning or explanation.
These rules are subject to change without warning or explanation.